Pleasure – as for me. Although no sooner than the other night I killed my feet in an absolutely exquisite pair that was totally uncomfortable. And, just to be on the clear and undebatable side, I do think they really are never enough!

I know for a fact that I am here among shoe lover ladies – and gents, for that matter, as lately I have come across some samples designed for men that were simply to die for! (If you are a man, of course!) So this adventure I’m proposing here suits me like a glove Louboutin!

If you happen to visit London starting June 13, I think you should include visiting this exhibition in your itinerary: Shoes: Pleasure and Pain, at the Victoria & Albert Museum. I myself am thinking to invent some reasons to go there exactly for this! :)

It will be open during June 13, 2015 – January 31, 2016 and it is sure to be a walk down memory lane through samples of extremes that people thought of creating to make their feet comfortable. The exhibition gathers together all sorts of footwear: from the couthurni that are almost deadly for the common earthlings, to the sculpture-resembling chopines, also looking like torture devices - you can see them in the photo below, from the impossible shoes for the small bound feet of China and Japan – let’s please not talk now and here about that abominable tradition! – to the shoes of the future and state of the art technology for their design.Couthurni

Almost 200 pairs of the oddest, most luxurious and futuristic shoes will be on display in the exhibit with ticket prices starting at £13.50.

Details and more photos, here:

Photo credit: Victoria and Albert Museum