Cars are... human! For those of you who don't know how that can be: there was a habit that we had in communist Romania, to personalize our cars by giving them very...creative names! But this piece is not about that. Nope, it's about how artist Adrian Laie managed to make cars look almost human and alive, in his paintings that I had the chance to see at his exhibit opening. B(rush) Movement is, smartly, the name of the exhibit.

B(rush) Movement 1 B(rush)Movement 2

Below, you can see one of my personal favorites: Jack the Ripper



On display at The Art of Living Gallery, in Clemenceau St., Bucharest (nearby the Romanian Athenaeum), the artists' paintings were amazing for me: they are not still life paintings, nor are they car design drawings - they are living portraits! How is that possible?! I really don't know, just go see for yourselves! :) One canvas, which the artist told me was the first he painted in this series, is simply unbelievable: you can simply watch the road rolling under the car wheels.

More on colors, brush use, may it be upside down and not the other way around, I leave it to those who actually know about this undescifrable mumbling for us, mere mortals. :)

The show will be up until Feb. 23rd.


Middle: the artist.

Photo credits: Florina Dumitrache, The Art of Living Gallery